Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Meet Class 1!

Hello! Welcome back to Joe's Journal.

It's holiday time for teacher's in Bhutan. They have two weeks off school in the summer before term starts again. I've been flying all over the place and meeting lots of interesting people (and birds!).

I live in the south west of Bhutan, in Dagana. But Mr. MacInnes and I are holidaying in Trashigang, which is in the east. See if you can find it on the map below.
Map of Bhutan -
I flew all the way, but Mr. MacInnes had to take a bus - for three days! The bus went round and round all the mountains, up to the top of some and down to the bottom again. I could see amazing waterfalls and rivers as I flew above it. Bhutan really is a beautiful country.

Some of the great views on the way to Trashigang.

While I have been here in Trashigang, I realised that I've been so busy squawking on about my adventures that I have hardly told you anything about the most important bit - the children of Samey Primary School! After all, they are the reason why Mr. MacInnes and I are in Bhutan in the first place! I love having a teacher as a pet, because I get to meet so many wonderful children! That is especially true here in Bhutan. I help Mr. MacInnes in all of his classes, but I always have the most fun in Class 1.

The children in Class 1 are usually about 6-7 years old. They are just starting to learn English and they find it very tricky. I am trying to help them with their phonics, just like you learn in school. They like practising all the sounds they know and blending them together to make words! We get to read lots of books, and if the children find the reading hard Mr. MacInnes talks to them about the pictures and asks questions about what they can see.

Let's meet the children, shall we?!

This is Pema. She is always smiling and she loves to sing and dance. She likes bananas and flowers.

Seday is a quiet girl but she always tries hard to speak English. Her favourite fruit is pineapple and she likes dancing too. She has a sister in the class called Dechen.

Tandin Wangmo is a very clever girl! She is quite new to Samey and came from a different school, but she made lots of new friends quickly. She likes my silly jokes!

Lhaba Dorji loves football! He is starting to get much better with his handwriting too.

This is Dechen. She is very quiet and quite shy, just like her sister Seday! She is very well behaved and likes animals.

Tshoki is a great reader and is getting better everyday at speaking English. He likes it when I fly around the classroom or do something silly! He is small but he can play football very well too!

This is Tandin Tshering. His favourite animal is an elephant and he likes drawing pictures. He always laughs when I'm being silly in the class!

Sonam Choki is a very smiley girl - as you can see in the picture! She has to walk a long way to school everyday but she is always trying her best, even when she is very tired. Well done, Sonam Choki.

Sonam Jamtsho likes games and sports. He is getting better at his reading and always likes to be the first one to have a go at something new.

Tshering Choki is a good friend of mine! She always tries to hug me! She is getting very good at reading and listening to instructions. Well done!

Passang Dorji is another boy who loves football, and another one who plays very well! He is very good at speaking English and his handwriting is lovely. His favourite animal is a fish.

This is Kinley. He is always happy to see me in class and he enjoys singing and games.

Sonam Lucky is another good friend of mine! She is very good at drawing and reading, and can speak English very nicely. She is getting better everyday!

Chogyal is a very kind and polite girl, always smart and well behaved. She loves apples and flowers. She is trying very hard with handwriting and reading. 
So, now you have met my friends in Class 1 at Samey Primary School. They are all very interested in what school is like in the UK (and other countries!) and would love to hear from you. If you would like to ask them any questions then you can email them to Mr. MacInnes or comment below!
Maybe you'd like to know about their family life, what they play, what their homes are like, or maybe you would like to share some things about your school! Just remember to ask a grown-up to help you, and please don't post any photos to the blog. If you want to share photos with the children you can get a grown-up to ask Mr. MacInnes.

Until next time, Tashi Delek!


  1. I love your blog Mr Crow. I'm a Kiwi bird from New Zealand. I can't fly but would love to post you something to share with class 1. What is your postal address? You can email me at my friends house:
    Have you ever met a kiwi bird? Or seen a picture? I only come out at night, but like you I love worms. I have a very, very long beak with nostrils at the end so i can sniff the worms out. I'm famous for laying the biggest egg compared to my body out of all the birds in the world! Because I don't fly I am endangered. I found it lovely to read about how you look after your endangered animals in Bhutan. I will be following your blog.
    best wishes Kia Ora Kiwi
    (Kia Ora is the Maori word for hello. My friends call me it as I'm always dropping in to see them.)

    1. Hi Kia Ora!
      Thank you for the interest in my blog! I've never met a kiwi bird before. I'm yet to visit New Zealand! It's a pretty long fly away from my home.
      You sound like a very interesting bird! I hear there are lots of exciting birds in New Zealand?
      I'll get my friend Mr. MacInnes to send you an email.
      Joe :)


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